Current at TEWI

Autumn is the spring of winter – with the leaves turning autumnal hues, it’s time for an update regarding the activities of the Business Informatics Technology Centre (TEWI).

The internationalisation of the website is progressing. Besides the translations into French and English so far, all preparations for the translation into Italian are running in the background. TEWI would also like to serve this national language within the scope of its possibilities and thus be a contact for national and international stakeholders. In addition, the structure and presentation of the website is constantly being updated and modernised.

The completion of the project “Digitisation of a practice-oriented course” (DPL) entails that a worthy final report is prepared. This will critically evaluate which steps in the project went particularly well and which went less well. However, the main focus of the research and the results are also explained. In detail, this report shows which pitfalls arise in pure virtual team collaboration work and how they can be overcome. E.g., if there is a lack of participation within virtual team collaboration, as a countermeasure, one can design the communication and coordination of project deadlines in a way that is more responsive to the individual wishes of each person.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. The conclusion of the DPL project means the starting gun for a follow-up project. Themes have already been evaluated in discussions with focus groups and literature research has been conducted to flesh out the follow-up project.

In October, the agenda included the implementation of the feedback on the final report, the scientifically generated articles, the practical transfer in the form of a workshop, and the follow-up project proposal. In addition, participation in the doctoral workshop “SE Design Science (cross-domain)” was required. The TEWI research unit was able to achieve a good performance record with the innovative project idea of how to design software applications that evaluate mental health states.

In summary, with the completion of the above-mentioned projects, as well as the completion of the reliability test and the finalisation of the paper of the project “Digitisation of a practice-oriented course”, all tasks of the summer could be completed. The TEWI team is thus ready to enter the winter with a sure footed step.

Team TEWI wishes you a wonderful autumn semester 2021. Stay healthy and enjoy the autumnal temperatures as well as the changing colours of nature.

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