d buried in the Nanyang Jingmou chest, listening to his strong heartbeat, a restless heart, and finally quiet and pragmatic. Text 69. Chapter 69 finally found you b The silence speaks. Gu Yanran cold body was Nanyang King Road, the heat of the warm, the two body temperature just Microsoft Certification to form a complementary. Girl, I miss you Nanyang Jingda wide hand against Gu Yanran Microsoft Certification s back of the head, the words of the words in the ears sounded, seems to talk, it seems to himself. Just a miss, but the road to do a t.housand words. A long time gentle, Gu Guoran cuckoo Microsoft Certification it exam s stomach called broken. Nanyang scenery loose Gu Yanran, looked at her, lips slightly smile, his girl, has not eaten for two days now. Gu Yanran at this moment really see Nanyang Jing Mo, this time the Nanyang Jing Street because there is no sleep at night, but also experienced the geothermal rock, change some haggard, but only a smile, but it was all her The thoughts. Nanyang Jingmu pull Gu Yanran went to the edge of the lake, ready to catch fish to Gu Yanran eat. You do not let go

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