as are Ling Xuan brought back, then they family Shi Ye, want to see people, I am afraid it is difficult. Should not be, to those who are not good, there should be a dozen For a while, you first get off, find a place with Miss Peas hide. it is good Because with the Peas, water Luo did not dare to desperately, for the sake of this, only the first to hide, protect the Peas Miss. The milk girl heard shivering, but she covet money, promised to run a trip, where the thought will encounter such a thing Look at the carriage to stop, the water Luo to take the child to go, milk Microsoft Dynamics C5 mother daring, biting teeth behind the water in the water behind. Water Luo took a few steps to see the milk mother, suddenly looking unsatisfactory want to survive, do not follow me. The more people, the more easily found. This stupid, hired her, is really wrong. Along the way, Peas do not even drink a milk, and now have to drag them. The head, the two women with the child ran Water Lo heard these words, looking twisted up. Look to the side o. f the milk mother, reached out on her sleeping hole, this with a peas, went to the mountains of the jungle. In front of the movement, it Microsoft Dynamics C5 it exam should be the woman, fast Microsoft Certification chase Remember, stay alive Water Luo heard this, the hearts of surprised to determine that people are not Jianghan group over there people. Just who will be, she was a moment did not think good, no time to think. At this time, He Chao suddenly appeared in her side Come with me How did you go here Water Luo see H

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
MB5-700 Microsoft Dynamics C5 2012 Application Consultant Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics C5
MB5-851 C5 2008 Avancerat Programmering Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics C5
MB5-853 C5 2010 Payroll Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics C5
MB5-854 C5 2010 Programming Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics C5
MB5-855 C5 2010 Advanced Programming Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics C5
MB5-856 C5 2010 Application Consultant Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics C5
MB5-857 C5 2010 Project Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics C5