ngerous three to this head, it is time and effort Such as nine to listen to overjoyed, Westerners vaccination of vaccinia, is not found from the cattle Microsoft Certification anti virus immune factors Tea grandfather said the strong elements, although quite up strange, but in fact is similar to the vaccinia vaccine precursor ah min Time and effort does not matter, as long as there is a way Such as nine out of the hope of pulling the grandfather of the grandfather said, tea grandfather, I am not afraid I have a way not t.o be infected, but also allow cattle to be moderate mixed Oh Tea grandfather looked like nine, intimate touch her head said, you little wanderers ghost tricks, is more and more If you want to go, the old man how can I not help you Go We go to find cattle Like nine happy holding the grandfather of the hand, grinning said. Good The grandfather of the grandfather of the grandfather, an old one to the bullpen walk. Chad ink and branch of the Luo looked at one, this one also Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist pregnant, Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist it exam one is a pretty old man, the old one is so to go to the cattle to see a doctor, there is no formal shape ah Twist You go to persuade your grandfather, do not take nine to go to fake ah Brussels stunned for a.long time, suddenly patted the back of Chad ink, said to Chad Mo. Well, not for your big month Chad ink Lengheng heard, waiting for a branch of the Luo. This is nine in order to support the Luo, can be considered liver and brain painted But, of

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MB3-701 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financials Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist