n so do not cherish their own Xiao Han Yu stepped forward, gently covered her quilt. Her white white Jiaoqiao little face, the more thin, and had rounded cheek depression down, had a round peach eyes, now deep down, more people feel pity.eyes also tears. This girl and cry again Let her stay in this house, she was so sad it Xiao Han Yu looked like nine green onions in general, Yingying a grip, this hand, in the jail, by what kind of torture ah Xiao Han Yu could not help but stepped forward, blame themselves, should not trust her, this hands, I am afraid that later, it is difficult to hold it again Want to hold your hand and grow old, is Microsoft Certification me, life and life to let go of your hand, and now, I would like to pull, you may wish Xiao Han Yu looked at the bed before the ground, a syringe the same thing, what is this A rounded tube with a tail that can be pushed behind, with a long, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert pointed tip in front of it. Xiao Han Yu quietly put this th.ing wrapped in paper, into the sleeve pocket. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert it exam This girl, some old strange things. At this

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77-427 Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part 1 Microsoft Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert