About us

The association
The TEWI was founded in 1993. The Canton of Valais and the municipality of Brig-Glis support the projects of the TEWI, which focus on current trends in business informatics and analyze their impact as opportunities and problems for the Valais region. In cooperation with the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (Fernfachhochschule Schweiz – FFHS) and the Institute of Information Systems of the University of Bern, assistants, research assistants and students are active in the following areas:

In addition to basic research, TEWI mainly conducts research projects in areas that are important for the Canton of Valais, such as IT, tourism and digital sustainability.

Thanks to its large network as well as its extensive resources, TEWI is able to make various publications available to the public within the framework of practical projects.

TEWI regularly presents its research results at conferences and events, to which other speakers from academia and practice are also invited.

The last amendments to the TEWI statutes were made on March 28, 2002, and can be found in the following PDF document: Statutes of the TEWI (pdf. 133 KB).