TEWI-Workshop 2017

On 27 September 2017, a workshop on the topic of “Smart Region Valais” took place in Sion. Representatives of the mobility lab from Sion, the Swiss Post and the University of Bern were present as well as the TEWI as organisers. A total of 32 invited participants from various institutions in the Valais were invited. The main objective of the event was to find out what the needs of the Smart Region Valais are in order to be able to derive possible steps for the future.

The methodology chosen for the event was a “Future Workshop”. The participants were divided into small groups of 5-6 people that were as heterogeneous as possible. This made it possible to stimulate a creative and interactive way of working and to arrive at lively discussions and ideas. Based on a vote, the most promising ideas were selected and analysed in depth. The feedback from the participants after the event was quite positive. One very interesting idea that emerged from the workshop is currently being further developed and possibly implemented.