Iischi Wirtschaft – Workshop 2019

The networking platform “iischi wirtschaft” is all about digitalisation. On 11 April, the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (FFHS), the Regional and Economic Centre Upper Valais (RWO) and the Business Informatics Technology Centre (TEWI) discussed with their guests how digital processes can revolutionise companies.

On 11 April, community and guests met at the World Nature Forum in Naters to exchange ideas about the potential of digital processes. The event was organised by the FFHS in close collaboration with the RWO and TEWI. Frank Kreuzer from Raiffeisenbank Belalp-Simplon, construction contractor Renzo Theler and bakery CEO Jörg Zenhäusern showed how they are digitalising processes in their businesses from a variety of perspectives. “iischi wirtschaft – (r)evolution for companies” was moderated by Oliver Ittig. He heads the bachelor’s degree programme in computer science at the FFHS and knows the challenges of digitalisation from day-to-day business.

“Yuck yuck, paper”

The evening was introduced by Thomas Myrach, Professor at the University of Bern and President of TEWI. With “Yuck yuck, paper” he named one of the characteristics of digitalisation in companies: Paper documents are increasingly being replaced by digital media. Companies are increasingly carrying out processes mechanically and communication is much faster and more efficient thanks to networks. How this looks in practice in Upper Valais was illustrated by the business representatives in the roundtable discussion. Whether with the emerging mobile banking at Raiffeisen or with the automated daily report at the construction company – the podium participants agreed on one point: digitalisation is coming in small steps. But it is coming.

About “iischi wirtschaft”

“The FFHS is an active educational partner for businesses in the region. With ‘iischi wirtschaft’ we want to offer the Upper Valais economy a platform that includes networking, knowledge exchange, learning and inspiration for business,” explains FFHS Rector Michael Zurwerra. “Together with RWO, we are pursuing the goal of strengthening our regional economy and bringing it together.”