Publications 2016

Here you will find our publications from 2016. To view files in PDF format, you will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, which is available free of charge on the company homepage.


Stürmer, M., Abu-Tayeh, G., Myrach, T. (2016)
Digital sustainability: Basic conditions for sustainable digital artifacts and their ecosystems. Sustainability Science.
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Stürmer, M., Abu-Tayeh, G. (2016)
Digital Preservation through Digital Sustainability; 13th International Conference on Digital Preservation.
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Kummer, J., Abu-Tayeh, G., Myrach, T., Stürmer, M. (2016) 
Knowledge Commons within the sustainable development goals; 3rd IASC Thematic Conference on Knowledge Commons.
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Abu-Tayeh, G., Myrach, T. (2016)
Properties of Sustainable Information Systems. SIGGreen Pre-ICIS 2016 Workshop. Dublin, Ireland.
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Abu-Tayeh, G. (2016)
Digital sustainability within open source projects.Workshop on Contributions to Open Source Software by Public Institutions.Gothenburg, Sweden.


Staub, A. (2016)  
Sharing Economy & Platform Cooperativism, Mai 2016
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Bachelor theses: 

Piyush Rauch (2016)
Green Information Systems: Eine Chance, um den Klimawandel zu stoppen?
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Master theses: 

Joss Stephanie (2016)
Erhöhen Open Data Initiativen die Datenvalidität? Case Study am Beispiel der International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)
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