Practice-oriented work

Practice-oriented work

The TEWI offers companies the opportunity to have a practice-oriented problem of the company worked out by students of the University of Bern, within the framework of a bachelor or master thesis.

Suggestions for topics in the field of information systems are gladly accepted on request in order to clarify whether these can be supervised.

In this context, the following procedure should be observed:

  1. The company contacts the TEWI regarding a concrete question.
  2. If there is mutual interest in the topic, a cooperation agreement is concluded with the company.
  3. If approved, the topic is assigned to a suitable student. The practice partner is allowed to have a say in the selection of the student.

The TEWI offers this service at the following conditions:

  • Master thesis (12 weeks): one-time lump sum of Fr. 1’000.- (TEWI members 750.-)
  • Bachelor thesis (6 weeks): One-time lump sum of Fr. 500.- (TEWI members 375.-)
  • Special study (1 week): One-time lump sum of Fr. 200.- (TEWI members 150.-)

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact us directly without obligation at info(at) or by phone at +41 31 631 47 84.