Activity report 2009

After a period marked by personnel restructuring, the Technology Centre for Business Informatics (TEWI) was able to push ahead with projects in research and practice with fresh vigour last year with a newly formed team. Naturally, the focus was on topics that are highly relevant to the Valais region with its special geographical location and economic structure, such as IT use in the tourism industry or the successful web presence of SMEs. In addition, current trends were also dealt with, such as the use of free music downloads or customer self-service technologies. TEWI also conducted basic research by investigating the competence of Internet users in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). In addition to the varied activities in research, the TEWI was also significantly involved in the organisation of the 5th Swiss E-Tourism Forum in Sierre during the past reporting period. Furthermore, the TEWI’s know-how was put to use in the context of an advisory service project for Valais Tourism. I would like to invite you to read more about the past, current and planned activities of the TEWI in this activity report.
Finally, I would like to thank all our partner institutions for their cooperation, the TEWI network for supporting our activities and the Canton of Valais and the Municipality of Brig-Glis for their generous financial contributions. Special thanks go to Prof. Dr. Thomas Myrach, who as President always supports the TEWI with advice and support. I hope for continued good cooperation and many exciting projects.

Marcel Grüter, Managing Director TEWI

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