Activity report 2014

In 2014, some exciting new topics were taken up at the Business Informatics Technology Centre (TEWI) and thus, at least in part, a thematic reorientation was foreshadowed. Unfortunately, we have still not been able to definitively fill the planned position of a research assistant as managing director. Our requirements for a clear regional reference and familiarity with Swiss conditions made the process difficult. However, we have made a virtue out of necessity. Once again, in conjunction with the with the Research Center for Digital Sustainability founded at the University of Bern and its director, Dr. Matthias Stürmer, and were able to realise a number of projects. The focus on open data and open source was also reflected in the programme of the 19th TEWI Forum, which for once took place in January for scheduling reasons.
Nevertheless, with Fabienne Schmid and Marc Zurwerra, two true Valaisans are supporting us and ensuring that our activities also have the desired regional focus. I am pleased that there will be further exciting projects in the Valais in the current year. I hope that all of you will remain loyal to us in the coming year and I would be delighted to meet you on one occasion or another.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Myrach, President TEWI

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