Activity report 2015

In 2015, we continued to pursue the partially new orientation at the Business Informatics Technology Centre (TEWI). The most important aspect is of course the filling of the vacant position of managing director. With Gabriel Abu-Tayeh, we have been able to attract a promising doctoral candidate who would like to position his research work in the topic area of digital sustainability. This has an overlap with topics that we have already taken up in various projects in 2013 and 2014. Currently, the buzzword of digitalisation and even digital revolution is on everyone’s lips. However, these are developments that not only seem (particularly) relevant at the moment, but have already emerged and developed over many years. TEWI has anticipated and accompanied this development practically from the beginning. With the focus on the spread of e-business and e-commerce, we actively accompanied a development area that was particularly important at the time with research and services. In the last two years, further topics in the field of digital information have been increasingly addressed. This is also documented in the present activity report. The turn to topics that we summarise under the term digital sustainability is not to be understood as a departure from the previous focal points of activity. Rather, it is a contemporary continuation of our interest in the consequences of digitalisation and networking for the economy and administration. Researching these developments and in part also shaping them is one of the noblest tasks of a research unit. Of course, at TEWI we always take into account the regional relevance of these developments for Valais.
Unfortunately, we also had an unexpected departure with Marc Zurwerra, who has sought a new challenge in the Valais. Fabienne Schmid, on the other hand, has remained loyal to us and continues to actively support the TEWI team in its various activities. So we are starting new activities with fresh vigour. I hope that all of you will remain with us in the coming year and I would be pleased to meet you on one occasion or another.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Myrach, President TEWI

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