Activity report 2016

In 2016, the Business Informatics Technology Centre (TEWI) focused on research publications. I am particularly pleased with the publication of our paper “Digital sustainability: Basic conditions for sustainable digital artifacts and their ecosystems”. Gabriel Abu-Tayeh and I worked on this paper together with Matthias Stürmer from the Research Center for Digital Sustainability (FDN). We were able to place it in the relevant and highly ranked Springer journal “Sustainability Science”, where it is available for free download as an open access publication. These and other publications of the reporting year illustrate that our new focus on Digital Sustainability is bearing fruit and is reflected in concrete research results. In addition, we can provide evidence that we can place our work in scientific journals with high impact factors, i.e. as a small research unit integrated into a network structure with the University of Bern and the Swiss Distance Learning University in Brig, we can play in the premier league. Of course, at TEWI we want to continue not only to conduct ambitious research, but also to always take into account the regional relevance of new technological developments for Valais.
By the way, you can also download our publications from the TEWI website, which we redesigned last year. It is worth taking a look at this new website, which not only looks more modern, but also provides a wealth of information about TEWI and its research areas.
Institutions do not only live through their fields of work, but above all through the people who support them. In this regard, I would like to mention our new research assistants Jessica Kummer and Jonas Schwery, who have been actively supporting the activities of the TEWI since the past reporting year. Both come from the Valais and their presence and networking provide the necessary grounding in our small but well-established team.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Myrach, President TEWI

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