Activity report 2020

The past working year, as in other places, was dominated by the coronavirus pandemic. The associated restrictions have prevented us from carrying out the planned practice transfer events. However, there was no hindrance with regard to our main project, which we were able to successfully implement in 2020 after some delays in 2019. And another one became by the pandemic: In our project “Digitisation of a practice-oriented course” (DPL), we had originally assumed that in the context of the training, the implementation of a virtual management consultancy project could be useful for reasons of geographical distance. Now it became a compelling necessity because of the home office obligation. Thus, the implemented teaching concept has proven to be the right project at the right time! We are now in the process of evaluating the data obtained and, in the process, gaining and disseminating important insights into working in virtual teams in a post-Corona era. We assume that these forms of cooperation will gain even greater relevance than we had previously imagined. In the future, many employees of organisations will push to do at least part of their work outside their workplace. This means that the corresponding forms of work must be understood, trained and further developed.
TEWI would like to make a contribution to this area in the coming years. We are in the process of developing new project ideas and would like to implement them in the coming months and years. It remains exciting!

Prof. Dr. Thomas Myrach, President TEWI

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