Activity report 2021

Also the fiscal year 2021 has been marked by the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. The work has largely taken place spatially distributed and virtually. This necessity corresponded with our current areas of work, which are centrally concerned with the issues of cooperation in virtual teams.

At the center of TEWI’s activities was the cooperative project “Digitization of a practice-oriented course” (DPL). This was successfully completed during the year. Still outstanding, however, are our efforts to publish the results of this project in an appropriate scientific form. Several article manuscripts have been prepared and are scheduled for submission to international journals during 2022.

Unfortunately, the final report of this project has been critically received by the Canton of Valais. A final approval is still pending at this point in time. Until this issue is resolved, it remains unclear whether and how TEWI will continue to be subsidized by the Canton of Valais. Currently, the ongoing operation of the TEWI is ensured by the funds of the Institute for Information Systems. For the future, however, the question arises as to how the TEWI should continue. These questions will have to be discussed and clarified in the corresponding committees during the current year.

Despite this uncertainty, I remain with best regards

Prof. Dr. Thomas Myrach, President TEWI

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