General Assembly, Reports and Research

We hope you have had a good time so far. Like every quarter, this quarter starts with an update from our point of view.

Among other things, we are currently preparing for the General Assembly. Here, especially the administration requires a lot of attention and keeps the whole team busy. However, we are optimistic that we will also be able to do our work here in the usual quality.

In addition, we are also in the final stages of preparing the annual report for the 2022 financial year. The annual report is an important part of TEWI’s tasks and gives our members a comprehensive overview of the activities and developments of the last financial year. Our administration strives to carry out the work as efficiently as possible and to ensure that the report is completed on time.

Finally, the TEWI has been working intensively on scientific manuscripts over the past months and years. In the process, we are now so far along with one manuscript that we will soon be able to submit it to a journal for peer review. We are looking forward to the evaluation and hope for a positive peer review.

With this in mind, the TEWI wishes everyone a pleasant spring! We hope that the coming months will be as productive and successful as the past ones.

Happy Easter


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