Message: News from the TEWI

We hope you’re well and that you’ve had a good start to the warm season.
We look forward to keeping you up to date with the latest developments at TEWI. Together, we’ve worked hard over the last few months to achieve our goals and expand our knowledge.
Our annual report has now been completed and sent to our members. Please feel free to read it in the Activity Reports section. You’ll find detailed information about our research projects, progress made and agreed annual targets.
We were also able to hold our Annual General Meeting in Live in June. We’d like to extend our warmest thanks to everyone who attended for the inspiring discussions and good collaboration. It’s great to see how our community works together and advances the field of business informatics research.
We are delighted to announce that a manuscript has been submitted and is currently in the first round of expert review. We look forward to the feedback from our peers. This manuscript marks an important milestone and contributes to broadening our research spectrum.
Another area of research that we will be pursuing this summer is the preparation of another manuscript.
We wish you a relaxing and sunny summer.
Best regards

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