New Year’s Update

The Tewi wishes you a happy and joyous New Year. Here’s to all of us keeping our good intentions in this new opportunity!

With the closing of the old year 2022, also came the closing of some administrative tasks. On the one hand, these were internal adjustments due to the change in the Executive Board and thus the expansion of the Presidium from three to four persons. Dr Oliver Kamin handed over his place on the Presidium to Dr Tobias Häberlein and Stefan Eggel, M.Sc. On the other hand, a project was outlined which is to extend parallel to the project “Digitisation of practice-based courses”, or DPL for short.

The move also kept the TEWI busy for some time. After the new offices were allocated, the furnishing work could begin and the old office order was restored. However, the old year also marked the end of the move into the new premises.

Looking back at the beginning of the year, we can say that there was never a dull moment. Among other things, administrative, accounting and research activities took place.

The annual report and the activity report were compiled and prepared. Thus, the foundations for the upcoming general meeting for the year 2023 were laid. We are looking forward to a large attendance and wish you all the best and good health in the current difficult situation! 

The TEWI team wishes you a good spring semester 2023.

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